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The Effective Hybrid Teacher ~ Models that help students flourish.

Session 5
Gamal Sherif, Bruce Taterka — Science Leadership Academy

In order for K-12 teachers to be more effective, we need opportunities to study the intersection of curriculum, instruction, assessment and policy. For example, as federal agencies call for more teacher research, and states design high-stakes standardized assessments of student growth, teachers need to be more involved with what goes in in schools and districts. One of the challenges we face is that many teachers already work 50 hours a week; where do we find the time we need to lead? Data from the 2013 Measures of Effective Teaching study also shows that teachers also seek opportunities to lead without leaving the classroom.

Participants will review aspects of the national discussion on hybrid teachers, discuss sample case studies, and design local models for the effective hybrid teacher.

Conversational Practice

A conceptual "map" of the hybrid teacher research will be provided through a brief introduction. Participants will be asked to identify their own inquiry with regard to 1) the roles of hybrid teachers and/or 2) the policies that will support hybrid teachers and/or 3) the mechanisms needed to evaluate the effectiveness of the hybrid teacher role. Small discussion groups will integrate their experiences with the provided literature to develop informal recommendations.

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Presenter Profiles

Gamal Sherif
Gamal Sherif
Science Leadership Academy
Bruce Taterka
Bruce Taterka
West Morris Mendham High School


Gamal Sherif

Hello Everyone!

Below are the articles that each "team" of participants in our session will be discussing. If you have a moment, take a gander at the articles. Bruce and I will also have summaries.

Team 1: Teachers as researchers - Ernie Rambo: Hybrid accountability

Team 2: Teachers as leaders - Ariel Sacks: How does a realistic hybrid teaching position look?

Team 3: Teachers as innovators - Leana Heiton: Hybrid teaching roles attract applicants

Team 4: Teachers as data analysts - Kristoffer Kohl: Hybrid teaching roles promote student success

Team 5: Teachers as connectors - Linda Yaron: Building bridges by conceptualizing teacher time

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