Meetups are ad-hoc meetings, outside the formal schedule, that can be organized by anyone at any time (before, after or even during the conference). Feel free to suggest your own meetup or join another.

Educon Rocky Run

Join us at 3:30 pm Friday afternoon for the 1st (I think) annual Educon Rocky Run. We will meet at the Crowne Plaza Hotel 1800 Market Street, run up the Ben Franklin Parkway towards the Art Museum and then up the famous Art Museum steps. Please join us for an opportunity to exert some physical energy before the kickoff off the Educon conversations. All runners, non-runners, and tourists are welcome. Stay tuned to the #educon hashtag for any updates, photos and video of the run.

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Educon Appetizer: Friday Breakfast

Jan 27 8–9:30am

Come start the conversations early! Meet in the food court beneath Comcast Center, Philadelphia's tallest building, only 5 blocks from SLA. Contact @geraldaungst on Twitter that morning for the exact locale.

#sschat Meetup

Jan 27 11:45am–12:45pm

Join the Social Studies teachers for a lunch chat about new ideas, upcoming opportunities and camaraderie! Will post a lunch option for ordering closer to the date!

eSchool Network -- Feedback Forum

Jan 27 11:45am–12:45pm

eSchool Network ( just launched on Jan. 1. We're looking for Educon attendees to visit the site and give us feedback on the idea! Bring your lunch—and a business card—to Room 209 and share your ideas with us.

Lunch at Reading Terminal Market

As far as I'm concerned, it's not a trip to Philadelphia without getting lunch at Reading Terminal Market. Join me on a 10 block walk to 12th and Arch, home of one of the country's greatest food courts. All the businesses inside are local, where you can find authentic Philly options like cheesesteaks, roast pork sandwiches, and hoagies, thick cut pastrami sandwiches, sushi, Pennsylvania Dutch baked goods, and more! Do not miss this totally Philly experience!

Middle School Minds Meet Up

Jan 27 3:30–4:30pm

Would love to gather together all the Middle School minds at EduCon to discuss innovation, curriculum and to meet new friends. There's a Starbucks at 1801 Market and a Cosi very near it— as well as Elephant and Castle, so plenty of places in case Starbucks doesn't have enough room. Tweet @montysays if you're interested

Science Teacher Gathering

Jan 28 4:30–5am

Do you teach science? Do you love awesomeness? Let's get together in rm 204 after session 3 (4:30ish) and talk about teaching students science.

Sunday Morning Breakfast Meetup - Philly Diner Style!

I've eaten here almost every Educon. The food is good (classic diner fare), the service is fast and the prices are great. I'll probably be there around 7-7:30 and happy to join anyone else who can make it!

This diner is about a 20 minute walk from SLA. The weather forecast is clear and cold (low in the upper 20s) but it'll be dry. We'll leave by 8:30 to have enough time to walk over to SLA. Hit me up on Twitter if you want more info - I'm @kjarrett. Location: Little Pete's 219 South 17th Street Philadelphia, PA 19103 (215) 545-5509

Making Connections with Math Educators

Hi I’m Ihor and I’m doing one of the final sessions of the conference “Math 2.0 and the Wannado Curriculum.” and I’d love to connect/touch base with other folks interested in Math Ed before my session. Let me know!

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