During each of the six breakout sessions throughout the weekend, a large number of conversations will take place. This site will help you organize your plan for the weekend and provide the relevant information for each conversation. After signing in, search through the conversations below and mark the sessions you are interested in to populate your personal schedule on the right (or below if on your mobile phone).

What's Your Problem?! Designing Curricula for Problem Seeking

Session 1
James Lerman & Jeremy Angoff

Explore three pilot projects focused on developing student problem seeking in elementary, secondary, and university settings. Experience a hands-on exercise for problem seeking, review and discuss various approaches to engaging students in problem seeking, examine tools, and share ideas about the connections of problem solving with leadership, learning, and schools.

Synergy - Questions are the waypoints on the path of wisdom

Session 2
Bo Adams, Jill Gough

Like a tribe around the fire, lets discuss how we implement PBL as an entire course rather than as an input to a class. The conversation starters will describe Synergy an 8th grade community-issues course. Then, through story exchange, we will share a variety of PBL ideas and implementation methods.

Coaching a Winning Team: What are the best ways to get in the trenches & stimulate a culture of learning and collaboration within our schools?

Session 4
Jeff Richardson, Suzan Brandt

We’ll discuss the coach as a catalyst for change, advocate for teacher/student learning & a builder of a climate of sharing & collaboration. We’ll explore various structures, strategies and ideas that help coaches become necessary instructional leaders. Who's responsible for starting the conversation of change? Where do admins fit & what’s their role? We will follow these threads with the goal of developing some new ideas that will increase student learning. This conversation isn’t meant for just coaches. Anyone who’s wants to be an instructional leader should join us.

PLCs: Developing a Shared Vision

Session 5
Tim Best, Stephanie Dunda, Rosalind Echols, Gamal Sherif, Matthew VanKouwenberg

After several years of science department meetings that focused primarily on logistical issues, we decided to move towards using our common time for growth and reflection. Please join the conversation and help us further our understanding of how colleague-to-colleague feedback can be used as an effective professional development tool.

Learning to Learn through Business Creation

Session 6
Christian Kunkel, Matt Sherman

As an entrepreneur, you must actively and deliberately seek the skills, knowledge and resources needed to succeed. You must be a fast and effective learner. In this group, we will discuss the core tenants of the entrepreneurial process as a learning strategy and how to integrate them into any classroom and across subjects.

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