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Coaching a Winning Team: What are the best ways to get in the trenches & stimulate a culture of learning and collaboration within our schools?

Session 4
Jeff Richardson, Suzan Brandt — Hoover City Schools, Hoover Alabama; Mtn. Brook City Schools, Mtn. Brook Alabama

We will talk about the role of a coach (full time coaches & teacher-leader coach types) as a catalyst for change, an advocate for teacher & student learning, all while maintaining meaningful relationships with those being coached. We will also look at different structures that we currently have in place or can put into place within our schools and districts that will help coaches leverage their power as force multipliers for their team. Are coaches responsible for starting the conversation of change and equipping their players to make the change? Where do administrators fit into this conversation? What if administrators served more as coaches and less as formal evaluators? We will follow these different threads related to instructional coaching and with the goal of developing some new ideas that can help us do our jobs better. This conversation isnt just for coaches. Anyone who wants to be or is a leader in the movement for professional growth in our schools will have something to add to this conversation.

Conversational Practice

Plan on sharing your ideas and experiences. We will form small groups to discuss the topics listed above, counting on participants to share the good, the bad and the down-right ugly coaching practices. Personal experiences are key in this conversation. There will be a backchannel in-place so that offsite participants can share their ideas as well.

Presenter Profiles

Jeff Richardson
Jeff Richardson
Hoover City Schools


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