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Developing Empathy with the World using Online Maps

Session 2
Steve Goldberg — Triangle Learning Community Middle School, Durham, NC

Steve Goldberg, who has created more than 1,500 Google Earth place marks over five years, will spend 10-15 minutes showing the group some of what's possible with online map tools such as Google Earth and Google Maps Engine; each participant will then work to create place marks and collaborative maps that help us tell powerful stories about the world; in the remaining time, a few volunteers will share their stories verbally — and we will all have access to each others' stories through the shared documents we create during the conversation. See http://bit.ly/EduconMaps for the start of our shared document. We will build a community of learners who can support each other in this work when we get back home from EduCon Reviews of a Google Earth session Steve ran recently in Atlanta are available here — https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DC2C5Gpc_DyxSW4WcTCW4k0eLm6S7q2dOF4wV8CCm-M/edit

Conversational Practice

As described above, together, we will work in groups to build several collaborative maps that we can all use with our students (and colleagues) back home to show the power of maps in storytelling; the Google Earth maps will be shared via Drop Box, and the Google Maps Engine maps will be shared on the cloud; we will upload a few short videos to YouTube as well, if time (and sound conditions) permits; if the timing works, we may be able to bring the Kibera slum of Kenya to life by Skyping with my good friend Ken Okoth, a former history teacher and now a member of Kenya's parliament — Google "Ken Okoth" to get a sense of Ken's background; even if Ken is not available, we will begin to empathize with life in one of the largest and most crowded slums in the world.

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