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Developing Portfolios as Artifacts of Understanding

Session 1
Claudia Loewenstein, Trevor Worcester, Chris Bigenho — Greenhill School

SESSION RESOURCES Resources for this session can be found at: http://educon24-portfolios.wikispaces.com/

This site will provide links to a page of collaborative notes and resources related to this session.

This session will open with a brief presentation where we share our journey, both the challenges and successes, on how to document levels of fluency and literacy in our modern and classical language program. Relying merely on traditional tests can be problematic as they are flat, one-dimensional tools and do not create transferable records that clearly articulate a students level of fluency. Enter the Digital Portfolio. We have worked as a team to create a working prototype of a portfolio process using a multi-media format. After our brief presentation, we will then engage participants in working through a portfolio development case study designed to help participants discover more about portfolios and artifacts of understanding and to assist in framing the remainder of our time together. Taking what we learned as a group through these first two activities, we will continue to work in groups to develop standards by which we can effectively evaluate three types of portfolios: Growth portfolio, Evaluation Portfolio, and Showcase Portfolio. Throughout the entire session, collaborative tools will be made available specifically for the session where participants can share resources, document session discussions and share their own experiences. These tools will include a session wiki, Diigo Group linked to wiki, Twitter Feed etc. The wiki will serve as a living artifact that can be accessed and further developed beyond our time together.

Conversational Practice

  1. Short presentation (20 minutes or less) to frame the discussion around portfolios by sharing what we started at Greenhill through the Language Department
  2. Breakout: Portfolio Case Study- This will be worked in groups and provide a focal point for conversations around uses and evaluations of portfolios.
  3. Group project to develop rubric for assessment portfolio, growth portfolio, showcase portfolio
  4. Open Wiki- Participants will be encouraged to contribute content to the wiki both during and after the session. This wiki should become a living artifact of the common experience had during the session. The wiki will contain places for resources, stories of success and failure, links to working documents for session collaboration (Shared-Public-Open Google Doc), Place to share Diigo/Delicious Accounts, Twitter Feed.
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Presenter Profiles

Chris Bigenho
Chris Bigenho
Claudia Loewenstein
Claudia Loewenstein
Greenhill School


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