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Reinventing your PLN

Session 2
Andy Marcinek, Lyn Hilt — Grafton Public Schools, Edutopia contributor, Corwin published author; Eastern Lancaster County SD, Powerful Learning Practice, Educational Collaborators

Participants will be introduced to the philosophy behind what a personal learning network (PLN) is, deconstruct it, and through collective input, work to rebuild it. The conversation will be centered around looking inward at one’s personal learning network, identifying struggles with it, remixing its structure, and leveraging its capacity for future engaged learning.

Conversational Practice

Participants will be encouraged to evaluate the current structure of their PLNs and think critically about how the network is serving their needs in terms of learning and development. Using a protocol such as the Focus/Framing Question Exercise, we will ask participants to identify a critical area of need/dilemma where their current PLN is not highly effective in terms of personal connections or resource acquisition/sharing. Concerns will be voiced, and participants will be grouped by category of need (example: Twitter is overwhelming for me, I don’t know how to effectively use Google+ communities, I have problems connecting with educators in my local spaces). Teams will then discuss concerns, note commonalities, and generate solutions for the dilemmas addressed. A collaborative document will be used to record team notes and solutions to share with session participants and beyond.

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Andy Marcinek
Andy Marcinek
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