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Mental Health: Finding Help, Getting Help

Session 2
Maryann Molishus — Council Rock School District

Participants will join in conversation about the “state of mental health” in our communities. There will be a brief intro (statistics, short video clip, share-out) and then participants will join in smaller break-out groups to tackle challenging issues related to mental health, including discussion of how schools can support students, families, and colleagues with mental health needs. Do we know where to go to find help for those in need? Do we know how to identify signs of mental illness? Are schools responsible for reaching out to families or helping family members? Are our learning communities designed to promote mental health for all? Are we keeping an eye on our colleagues? Groups will discuss these or similar topics of interest to participants. The goal is to help each other become better informed, to share resources, and to simply provide a supportive environment for those who want to share in discussion of this sensitive topic.

Thank you for considering this conversation. I will provide a link to a shared document for participants during the session. See the blog post (link below) for some general information.

LINK TO COLLABORATION PAGES: http://bit.ly/2izTz46

Conversational Practice

Participants will engage in small group discussion around questions posed by the presenter and by the participants themselves. Break-out groups will come together throughout the session to share with the whole group key points of their discussion and/or questions that have arisen. The whole group will then consider some "next steps" that could be used to address concerns. Participants will engage in several rounds of break-out and whole group summarizing, with questions, ideas, and resources posted to a collaborative document that will be available to participants and shared with others.

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Maryann Molishus
Maryann Molishus
Council Rock SD


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