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Fostering Creativity and Innovation Across a K-12 Continuum

Session 1
Basil Kolani — Dwight School

If folks like Sir Ken Robinson are right that education goes downhill after Kindergarten, how do we make sure that our schools are places where our students never lose sight of the power of asking why, of taking risks, and thinking up crazy ideas? And for K-12 schools, how do we make sure that innovative practice runs throughout the divisions that might serve to separate methods teaching and learning instead of providing a true continuum in which every year builds on what came before it?

In this conversation, participants will hear how one school uses its preschool-12 continuum to weave inquiry, creativity, and innovation throughout four divisions with students aged 3 through 18. If possible, participants will also hear from students of various age groups discuss what learning looks like on a day-to-day basis. Finally, participants will talk through practices at their own schools and create best practice that helps students of all ages learn in ways that challenge and engage them while building a school culture that makes inquiry and creativity a self-sustaining guiding principle.

Conversational Practice

We will model some visible thinking exercises where participants actively discuss their thinking, and, if possible, we will use a Google Hangout to bring students into the conversation. Best practice examples will be documented on a wiki that will be shared with the Educon community.

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Presenter Profiles

Basil Kolani
Basil Kolani
Ridgefield Academy


Matt Moran

The group also has responded to the question:

"How can you make creativity a school-wide focus?"

You can see the responses here: http://bit.ly.educoncreativityk12

Matt Moran

Basil kicked off this conversation with some questions about creativity:

What do you think you know about creativity? What puzzles you about it? How can you explore it further?

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