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What does it take to be a technologically savvy teacher in 2012

Session 5
Sean Nash — Saint Joseph, Missouri Public School District

Much as we feel compelled to do for the children in our charge, where is the list of what teachers might want to know and be able to do in 2012? In 2007, Karl Fisch publicly asked whether it was, okay to be a technologically illiterate teacher? Though few would answer affirmatively, far fewer would suggest a set of specific competencies. The NETS-T provides one standardized, big-picture view. At the other end of the spectrum, the Edu-Twittersphere offers up a litany of tools on a nightly basis. Will Richardson has articulated a solid set of shifts that have changed the playing field for educators in the 21st Century. I believe there is much room for rich discussion in between the 30,000-foot view and the all-too-grounded, list of tools.

Conversational Practice

This session is a facilitated conversation from beginning to end. We will begin with a decidedly low-tech brainstorm in stages by engaging in a version of the "Silent Chalk Talk." Participants will then record images of the wall with the mobile devices in their pockets for the remaining segments. The second segment of the session will include face-to-face reflections and informally moderated debate (aloud). The third and final segment will feature the creation of a sort of "digital manifesto — a set of competencies for today's technologically-savvy teacher as derived from a use of Google Moderator: http://goo.gl/Uw0AT to create a culminating, group-moderated document.

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Sean Nash
Sean Nash
Saint Joseph, Missouri Public School District


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