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Tradition vs Innovation, a Battle of Beliefs

Session 2
Liz Davis and Lisa Thumann — Director of Academic Technology at Belmont Hill School in Belmont, MA and Innovative Learning Technologies at the School for Global Education and Innovation at Kean University, NJ

In a world where students are constantly plugged in, how do we find the balance between engaging them on their level and also teaching them the face to face skills of conversation and real life interaction? When children share the same physical space, how do we ensure they also share the same mental space?

In this conversation we will debate the benefits and challenges of a traditional vs an innovative curriculum. We will consider the time honored experiences that we have all had and try to reconcile them with a 21st century skill set. Using a debate format, the presenters will each represent a side of the issue, taking questions from the group and following up with a conversation to further explore and debrief the experience.

In this session we will attempt to answer the following questions: - How do we find the balance between plugged in and unplugged learning? - How much technology should happen in the classroom and how much at home? - How does the digital divide impact our choices about how and what to teach? - What are the essential face-to-face skills that we dont want to lose? - What are the essential technology skills that students must learn?

Conversational Practice

We will attempt to bring this conversation to life through the use of a debate format, role playing and possible use of the ping pong protocol. We plan to engage everyone in the room and push them to question their assumptions and explore both sides of the issue.

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Presenter Profiles

Lisa Thumann
Lisa Thumann
SGEI, Kean University


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