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Telling Stories that "Stick" in an Age of Ed. Reform: an Open Discussion with a TFA Alum.

Session 6
Eric Lundblade

We live in an age of "ed. reform." NCLB, RTTT, and other pieces of legislation are sold as cures to an education system in crisis. Teacher accountability, testing, and school choice are hotly contested political issues.

But what gets left out of these debates is what kind of education we are giving our students in this tumultuous time.

And that makes me upset.

Because how our children are educated is perhaps the most fundamental issue we face. And we need to tell better stories about the things that matter most.

Thoreau wrote, "Let every man make known what kind of government would command his respect, and that will be one step toward obtaining it." The same is true for our school system. Each of us must construct a vision of teaching and learning. And then we must be willing to proclaim and defend that vision when pressed by people of good will and not-so-good will.

This is the goal of the conversation: That every participant will leave with a vision of education they are willing to communicate and defend. Our political discussions have been taken over by moguls and spin-doctors. We need grassroots conversations on teaching and learning, taking place all over the country. These conversations will take place in grocery store lines and dinner tables, not think tanks and Congress.

I am tremendously excited to hear from you, and share my own experiences from Teach for America, the Philadelphia School District, and Science Leadership Academy.

Conversational Practice

This presentation will be a series of conversations. I am excited to share my own humble vision, in light of my experiences, and I am excited to hear from other fellow travelers with have far more experience than I have. We will share our visions, and give each other feedback on how to "Make it Stick."

A wiki of our visions and our ways of communicating them may be the product of this session.

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