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Tell me a story: Sharing stories of innovation in schools

Session 1
Cynthia Warner, Al Sylvia — iZone (Office of Innovation, New York City Department of Education)

“Let us put our heads together and see what life we will make for our children.” -Tatanka Iotanka (Sitting Bull, Lakota Leader)

Our professional lives are filled with stories – the stories we and our colleagues tell about our work. These story experiences are a training ground, as much (or more than) formal mentorship, coaching, and “PD.” What do these stories tell us about making change in schools? Join us for a story-sharing session about your work. First, we’ll use a storytelling framework to share personal stories about innovating in schools. Then, we’ll look critically at storytelling methods: How might they be deployed in service of our work?

Conversational Practice

We will use focusing questions and an adapted Campfire protocol to facilitate the initial sharing among all participants in the room. The story-threads that result will form the basis for our reflection together. We will also document our critical discussion of storytelling methods, compiling concrete strategies that are relevant to us as professionals and change-makers.

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Presenter Profiles

Cynthia Warner
Cynthia Warner
iZone, NYC Department of Education
Al Sylvia
Al Sylvia
iZone360, Office of Innovation, NYC Dept. of Education


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