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So you're connected...Now what?

Session 4
George Couros, Patrick Larkin — Parkland School Division, Burlington High School

As a follow up session from last year at Educon 2011, where we asked how we can get more administrators involved in social media, we are now seeing a huge influx in use from educators and administrators alike. With this increased use in the area of social media, we want to start exploring what the impact has been.

In this conversation, George Couros and Patrick Larkin will share some of the success they have had through the use of social media in schools and the impact it has had directly on student learning, but we would also want you to be prepared to share your stories and evidence that it has impacted learning with your own students. Please bring stories, data, and any other evidence to share so we can build a compelling case to encourage others to develop their own learning in this area.

Although this session is directed at school administrators, we encourage all educators to come and share their stories as it will only help to further education for all students.

Conversational Practice

Collecting stories through the use of tools such as Google Docs

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