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Re-Imagining Your School

Session 2
Samantha Morra — Montclair Public Schools, Montclair, NJ

Sometimes what holds us back in education is right in front of us. We are too analytical measuring our dreams and visions of what school should look like against the barriers that make school less than ideal.

Now is not the time to limit our imaginations, it is the time to re-imagine school and education. What would the ideal school look like? What is the purpose of education? What do we value? What do we want our children's lives to look like? How can you get teachers, parents and students to re-imagine with you? How we make this a positive conversation with all stakeholders?

Now, take that vision of re-imagining and overlay it on top of the reality of your school. Where can you make changes today? How can you plan for the future?

We have started this process in my school. We started it not knowing necessarily how it was or is going to end. The conversations have been so rich and inspiring. The topics have been grand and mundane. The process has changed several times, but the reasons for starting this process have not changed. We believe that we better reflect what we value in education. We believe that change is possible. We believe that every child deserves a chance to love learning and become life-long learners and that there are things that we can do to make that happen.

"If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them."-Henry David Thoreau

Let's discuss how to build these castles and how to put foundations under them.

Conversational Practice

We will start with brainstorming and using web 2.0 brainstorming tools that we decide on in the workshop. They could be a wiki, wall wisher, mind mapping, or all of the above.

We will put everything together in a wiki to share and add to at the session and beyond.

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Samantha Morra
Samantha Morra


Jerry Cybrary Man Blumengarten

I would love to see more of a Blended Learning experience take place. I want students to be able to access experts if they have a question the teacher cannot answer and more collaboration take place with global learners. My Blended Learning page: http://cybraryman.com/blendedlearning.html

My Collaboration page: http://cybraryman.com/collaboration.html

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