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Question IT: Are We Mad?!

Session 3
Peter Skillen, Brenda Sherry — YMCA of Greater Toronto, Upper Grand District School Board

The intention of this conversation is to encourage us to question the superficiality and decontextualized statements that we often hear and see repeated and retweeted. Although the intent of these well-intentioned claims may often be clear to those of us who have been around for a while, we believe it may mislead many who are newer to the profession. Many of the claims infer a simple dichotomy e.g., 'memorize' or 'don't memorize'. Things are generally not that simple and a statement like that needs to be fleshed out and understood more deeply. Other such myths include: "Kids are great with computers." Hmmmmmsocial networks maybe! Or, "Its not about the tools, its about the learning." HmmmmMcLuhan may have had something to say about that one! How about, "Lectures are bad pedagogy." Always? For all people? At all times? Another common one is, Kids can multitask. These are extremely complex points. Lets have some conversation about some of them.

Conversational Practice

It would be our intention to introduce the problem, state/share the myths we have in mind (some of which are listed above), evoke some others from audience members, then allow the audience to determine which ones to discuss. Although we have our own opinions to share on these topics, there are many folks who will have ideas and perspectives that we have not thought of. It is those which we wish to elicit and support. We will use various techniques to include all voices. We will get through as many as we get through. We will also have a creation space (Google Doc or wiki) to collect thoughts from those present (both physically and virtually).

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