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Permission to Speak? Creating Communities of Advocacy in Education

Session 2
Chad Sansing, Kirsten Olson, Christina Cantrill, Paul Oh

New media and communications tools give teachers non-traditional ways to organize and work for change in their classrooms, schools, divisions, and country. In this sessions, educators who have built online communities of practice around educational transformation will gather to facilitate a discussion about the nuts and bolts of creating self-sustaining spaces of permission to question schooling in constructive and provocative ways.

Facilitators will also talk about translating online conversations and relationships into local change at the classroom, school, division, state and national levels.

Participants will be able to pose questions and provocations and will leave with an understanding of the planning, implementation, and stewardship of online communities of permission at a variety of scales and levels of web development.

Chad Sansing will facilitate from the perspective of a classroom teacher involved as a partner in several DIY efforts to impact educational practice and pedagogy, including #blog4nwp, Coperative Calatlyst, and the Occupy Education tumblr.

Kirsten Olson will facilitate from the perspective of a consultant, writer, and agitator for systems change in United States school and public education.

Christina Cantrill will facilitate from the perspective of her research into teacher leadership and from her perspective as part of the National Writing Projects (NWP) efforts to build capacity for teacher leadership in professional development.

Paul Oh will facilitate (virtually from CA) from his perspective as the coordinator of the NWPs technology liaison program and from the projects experience in building spaces such as Digital Is and NWP Connect.

Conversational Practice

We will post to the communities we discuss before, during, and after the event. We will also Skypecast the session and host a Google+ hangout during it.

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Christina Cantrill
Christina Cantrill
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