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PBL is Easier With Friends

Session 5
Chris Fancher — Manor New Technology High School

"I can't do PBL because I'm not a very creative person.' We hear this all the time from teachers who want to know about what goes into a PBL unit. One attendee will have a unit created for them as those attending help create that teacher's PBL unit on the spot. We will examine how the standards become a rubric and how they guide the students to the final product.

Conversational Practice

Are you ready to help build a PBL unit and learn what it takes to create an effective project? Attendees, under the guidance of a seasoned PBL teacher, will take one lucky teacher through most of the planning required to make a successful PBL unit. That teacher will end up with a roadmap to administer a project in his or her classroom with only minor adjustments needed for timing and the calendar. Questions such as "How do I create a rubric," "How do I assess," "How does inquiry work," and " What kind of end products can be created," will all be addressed.

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chris fancher
chris fancher


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