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Math 2.0 and the Wanna do Curriculum

Session 6
Ihor Charischak — Council for Technology in Math Education - CLIME - Affiliate group of NCTM

The power of Web 2.0 is just beginning to become a part of the consciousness of the average math teacher. Historically, the potential of emerging technologies is usually tamed to fit in with the grammar (current paradigm) of school. How can we avoid the same pitfalls with Web 2.0? One response is to create math curriculums that kids actually want to do (i.e. via simulations & games). Lead discussant will pose potential pitfalls and barriers, which the group will explore and offer ideas for a path that will lead us out of the wilderness of the old paradigm to a new one where students actually want to do the curriculum that schools offer them.

Conversational Practice

A variation of What? So What? Now What? Questions followed by small group discussions.

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ihor charischak
ihor charischak
CLIME-Affiliate group of NCTM


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