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Let's Talk About Change

Session 4
Rob Mancabelli — Rob Mancabelli LLC

Thinking of a better way to educate our children is really challenging, but its also just a starting point. Once we've outlined more effective forms of teaching and learning, we need to implement them into existing schools systems with competing priorities. That's hard. How can we get traction for new ideas in a sea of school programs? How can we communicate our message in ways that aligns our stakeholders and resources? How can we structure professional development so participants don't become discouraged and give up? What do we say to people who discourage adoption through two simple words — Yeah, but? This session focuses on the change process. Specifically, how do you structure innovative, 21st Century programs in ways that find the time, money and support, and how do you initiate and sustain the change process for years to come.

Conversational Practice

Participants will collaborate on a collection of tips and techniques to use at all the major crossroads in the change process. I'll kick things off by providing the categories and some ideas. The conversation will oscillate between reflection in small groups and sharing with the room.

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Rob Mancabelli
Rob Mancabelli


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