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Learning Environments: Rethinking K-12 Communication and Collaboration

Session 1
David Bill, Ethan Bodnar — Urban School of San Francisco, Hartford Art School

Where, when, and how we learn is being challenged. In response, we must critically examine the current status and potential of online and offline communication and collaboration in our schools.

The goal of the conversation is to define the different needs and challenges facing communication and collaboration in a variety of learning environments and identify solutions that can be implemented in our schools.

Conversation Structure:

The group will be briefly introduced to some fundamental design principles: empathy, define, brainstorm, and ideate. These design concepts will be used to assist participants determine possible solutions.

For the remainder of the session, participants will be broken into groups based upon their interest in a specific learning environment.

Groups will:

  1. Define the core issues surrounding communication and collaboration
  2. Brainstorm possible solutions
  3. Test ideas and iterate
  4. Present final idea to all participants

Conversational Practice

Group work

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Presenter Profiles

David Bill
David Bill
Ethan Bodnar
Ethan Bodnar
Hartford Art School
zac Castro
zac Castro


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