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Hacking School: the EduCon 2.4 Hackjam

Session 4
Chad Sansing, Meenoo Rami — Community Public Charter School (Chad), Science Leadership Academy (Meenoo)

Are you ready to hack school?

Hacking is a term full of tension - as is school. Through a mix of work and play, facilitators and participants in this session will work together to develop working, ethical ways to engage their classrooms, schools, and divisions in the messy work of making public education more relevant and meaningful for our kids.

The session is meant to invite and provoke conversation about amongst all attendees, including teachers, administrators, students, and parents.

Well begin exploring our ideas about hacking school through the reinvention of Monopoly and then use a variety of visual and digital arts resources to create responses to provocations about hacking, youth, technology, organizing, resistance, media bias, school bias, and our attitudes towards kids.

Attendees will leave with a feeling of communal agency and a shared notion of how to ethically hack school, as well as with several products that will be shared more widely on the National Writing Project Hackjam tumblr at http://nwphackjam.tumblr.com.

The session will also by Skypecast as a model for local hackjams in viewers schools and communities.

Attendees should make a special effort to invite their children and/or students to attend with them.

Space is limited to 24!

Conversational Practice

We will contribute to a hackjam tumblr at http://nwphackjam.tumblr.com, Skypecast, and hang out on Google+.

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