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Forging Student/Teacher Relationships in an Era of Shared Learning: Revisited

Session 6
Marcie Hull, Jeff Kessler, Tyrone Kidd — Science Leadership Academy, EduConcierge

During EduCon 2.1, SLA Students Jeff Kessler and Tyrone Kidd discussed the evolution of shared learning in a classroom setting with their teacher Marcie Hull. Now, as Jeff and Tyrone are seniors, we revisit the successes (and challenges) as students and teachers work towards the same goal.

Conversational Practice

In this session, we will have a few key words on a slide. Then, presenters will say their thoughts for about a minute at which point the discussion opens up to the entire group. This will repeat for all of the key words.

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Presenter Profiles

Jeff Kessler
Jeff Kessler
UPenn M&T '16, SLA '12, EduConcierge Founder


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