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Developing MakerSpaces that Count

Session 2
Andy Marcinek — Director of Technology, Groton-Dunstable Regional SD

Two years ago, I launched the Burlington High School Student Help Desk to support our iPad deployment (1,000). This course was modeled after Apple's Genius Bar and provided students with a space for tinkering, hacking, and inquiry during one period a day. This class of students also assisted our district technology, professional development, and conferences at Burlington Public Schools. While it was not a traditional course, it still met many of the standards of the Common Core.

This conversation will center on ways in which educators, administrators and tech and library leaders can disrupt the conventional course catalog and provide ways to integrate courses that promote exploring, hacking, and inquiry driven standards.

Conversational Practice

Using a collaborative document, participants will brainstorm ideas for a courses that can fit the needs of the curious, driven student. Documents will be shared on a Google Site for public view.

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Andy Marcinek
Andy Marcinek
Grafton Public Schools


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