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Constructionism from Top to Bottom

Session 1
Gary S. Stager — Constructing Modern Knowledge

This presentation is concerned with four powerful ideas related to employing constructionism as a basis for school transformation.

1) Paperts learning theory of constructionism will be explained and examples of constructionism in practice will be shared. Constructionism will be situated in the context of other learning theories and progressive education traditions.

2) Constructionism will be presented as the theoretical basis for project-based learning. Elements of effective project-based learning will be shared. Participants will define what is and isnt project-based learning.

3) The role of the computer in constructionist learning and expanding the range of project-based learning will be discussed. Schools have a lot of computers, but too little computing. The power of computing in the construction of knowledge will be emphasized.

4) Educators yearning to embrace constructionism or related pedagogical approaches, such as project-based learning, need to recognize that more needs to change than the actions of the teacher. The setting, including environment, objects to think with, schedule and materials; the nature of the curriculum; curricular content; freedom; relevance; agency; assessment and teacher expertise all need to be addressed mindfully.

The conditions required to maximize the potential of each learner will be explored throughout the presentation.

Conversational Practice

Presentation with video-based case-studies used to elicit conversation among participants, followed by Q&A.

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