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Amplifying Student Voice

Session 2
Larissa Pahomov, Katie Robbins, SLA Students — Science Leadership Academy, Figment.com

Larissa Pahomov is an English teacher at Science Leadership Academy, where she also teaches the Journalism elective and manages SLAMedia.org.

Katie Robbins is the Director for Educational Programming for Figment.com, an online community for writing and reading young adult literature.

They first encountered each other when Larissa's English classes signed up for accounts on Figment to share their short stories with the world.

Since then they have been talking about how to encourage this kind of "amplification" of student voice, and what kind of support and structures are needed to help make that happen.

They would like to share their experiences and observations with you, but mostly they want to hear your own ideas and perspectives on this topic — current practices, successes and struggles, and thoughts about how to amplify student voice in any kind of school setting.

SLA students will also be on hand to share their thoughts (which are really the most important here.)

Participants are encouraged (though not at all required) to sign up for accounts at Figment.com prior to the conversation, as confirmation is not instantaneous.

Conversational Practice

Here are some of the questions we hope to play with during the session:

  • What do students want to write about? How are already they doing that online?

  • What is authentic audience? How does it affect what you write?

  • How do we (as educators) help students grow as writers? How does an authentic audience help them grow?

-How do students connect to each other and the larger world through student writing? what concerns are there?

The goal is that by sharing all of our experiences and thoughts on the matter, everybody attending the session will be able to walk out with an (improved) framework for amplifying student voice in their own learning community.

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Larissa Pahomov
Larissa Pahomov
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