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Across the Great Divide: Creating Collaborative Civics-Based Partnerships

Session 4
Kevin Egan — Drexel University

The myth persists that todays youth are not civically engaged; yet, given the opportunity to connect in-class learning with out-of-class experience, students often develop innovative and meaningful ways to engage with politics and other socially relevant issues. Furthermore, both high school and university settings offer unique sets of resources that, when combined, allow for avenues of learning to not only extend beyond the classroom, but across communities as well. During this session, we will use the 2012 election as the basis for examining the usefulness and potential of collaborative civic engagement programs. We will brainstorm possibilities to create fruitful and long-lasting partnerships intent on fostering student participation and learning outside of the classroom.

Conversational Practice

The goal is to begin building a network of secondary and post-secondary educators who are interested in forging partnerships that enhance civic engagement/experiential learning opportunities. The conversation will be geared toward sharing best practices, imagining future joint-programs, and developing an online resource (wiki or Google site?) intended to maintain that network and cultivate future collaborative efforts.

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