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A Future Leader

Session 5
Rashaun Williams — Phresh Philadelphia

Future Leaders is a conversation about how to engage students into the world on a larger scale. Growing an active and progressive citizen to America is the most important thing that any teacher can give a student. From a personal and professional opinion, schools and school systems aren't successfully preparing children for the real world, and being a student who is engaged in the world on a regional, national, and international level, I can give the opinion and perspective that is not often heard.

I feel that schools should prepare students for the changing world. Currently, education has seen no true innovation in the development of citizens who can apply themselves to the changing world. If we as a nation we able to approach education in a way that took knowledge and applied it before it needed to be applied, wed have a better prepared future. This conversation will talk about how to give early citizenship to teenagers in high school, and allow them to be future leaders of the world.

The essential questions are as follows. Where does education in schools develop the citizen from students? How can education grow future leaders from students?

Conversational Practice

After I am finished speaking on my thoughts of what education means in correlation to developing leaders to our future, Ill ask and answer questions about the presentation and how this can work for any and all learning environments. The group will then collaboratively approach possible barriers for this approach to learning and break them together. We will close with guests talking about where they come from and their thoughts to growing their own future leaders.

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