Michael Wacker

Michael Wacker

Denver Public Schools
Denver, CO

About Me

I am interested in learning with and from the tremendous teachers and learners that I am lucky enough to come in contact with.

I am the Online Professional Development Coordinator in the Office of Teacher Learning and Leadership for Denver Public Schools.

I am a lifetime learner that truly loves to engage, listen, and talk with folks smarter than myself. I view my blog/public posts as a personal journal and reflection opportunity for me. And if anyone stumbles upon these posts and reflections, that is awesome. I am no revolutionist or genius, but I am reflective, and a good listener.

I try not to take myself too seriously and I surround myself with brilliant people who challenge and teach me often.

This space and its posts do not represent or reflect the views of anyone or anything other than myself.

Here are just a few of the places you can interact with me online…

Google Plus: gplus.to/mwacker Blog: Reflections From a K-12 World Twitter: mwacker Delicious: mwacker Diigo: mwacker Posterous: Michael Wacker

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