Karen North

Karen North

Houston, Texas

About Me

Computer Science and mathematics teacher and researcher since 1980s. Member of the CSTA development team for Level I Foundations of CS and Texas Technology Application Standards computer science TEKS writing team. Member of International Society for Technology Education CT branding team and SIG for Computing Teachers. Published articles for College Board, The Write Tool for Computer Science Courses, Supporting Girls in CS by Programming with Graphics, CSTA Voice research article showing students who take CS have lower drop out rate, decade of published editorials for the Houston Chronicle on improving education, maintained website and blogs for two decades, www.knorth.info, www.knorth.edublogs.org. I have participated in numerous communities of practice on STEM and teacher support including AAUW on Why So Few women go into the STEM fields, Expanding Your Horizons Conference, NCWIT promoting Aspirations in Computing, and NGCP and environmental grants bringing STEM learning outdoors.

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